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Giardino Seerose
March 13, 2020
Guided by Giardino

Here speaks the concierge

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He went to buy stockings with Mireille Mathieu and went out on Lake Maggiore with Udo Jürgens. He already provided dog sitters in the language of master and animal (“Chérie barked allegedly in French”) and let a cow with flower decoration graze on the hotel lawn for Japanese guests on request. In his 30-year career, chief concierge Claudio Caser has seen a lot and made a lot possible. His capital is his knowledge, his experience and the inimitable South Tyrolean charm. In this issue, he reveals his favorite places in Ticino.

View from Ronco

Ronco: The place behind Ascona counts approximately 650 inhabitants and impresses with a spectacular situation and a tangle of alleys, stairs as well as terraces. From here you have a view over the Brissago Islands as far as Italy – a magnificent view!

Waterfall of Foroglio

Foroglio: What are the Niagara Falls against the Foroglio waterfall? At 110 metres, it is twice as high. The village of the same name at the end of the Bavona Valley is perhaps the last village in Europe with a soul: small stone houses made of gneiss – and a grotto where you should definitely dine.

Bathing place near Ponte Brolla

Ponte Brolla: The old railway bridge is a monument of contemporary history. In former times the railway crossed the Maggia here. The bridge has recently been restored – not only hikers can now cross it, but also cyclists who want to get from Ascona to the Maggia Valley. You can relax on the rocks and cool off in the river.

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