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Giardino Seerose

Restaurants in Ascona

Looking for Ticinese cuisine? Then a grotto is the best place for you. Fresh creations with a Mediterranean background? Then try the Giardino. Three restaurants, three styles and every dish a holiday experience in its own right. And with the Ecco, the Hotel Giardino Ascona even has the best restaurant in Ascona and the surrounding area. You are sure to be perfectly satisfied from breakfast to dinner.


Fine dining restaurant

Ecco Ascona

Ecco is aroma cuisine. Ecco is fine dining. And Ecco is also multi-award winning, with two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points. In short: Ecco is one of the most sought-after fine dining concepts in Ascona. While you might not eat here every day, a dining experience here is not to be missed. Make sure you book in plenty of time!

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Casual dining restaurant

Hide & Seek Ascona

Familiar yet surprising: Hide & Seek transforms local and seasonal cuisine into contemporary dishes with a modern flair. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are sometimes simple, sometimes playful. You decide according to your mood. A restaurant that will make you feel good. Awarded with 15 Gault Millau points.

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Bar Lounge

Hotel bar


Vacation in its purest form. Seek a shady spot by the water lily pond and simply let the day pass by or enjoy a relaxed drink and some chilled grooves in the evening. A selection of lunchtime meals, drinks and snacks is available from the kitchen of the Hide & Seek restaurant. And the bar team will quench your thirst with classic or innovative drinks. Live programme on selected evenings.

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Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 12 midnight

Bar Lounge
dipiù Spa Ascona

Pool bar

Pool Side

Love the fresh air? Then the pool bar is the place for you. It is relaxed, cool and perfect for a little summer snack. Be it fish or meat from the barbecue, Mediterranean antipasti or a cool gelato – there is something to satisfy every appetite here, both in terms of flavour and temperature. And for those not wanting to move a muscle, everything can be served directly to the sun loungers. That’s real summer for you.

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Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, 12 noon to 5 p.m.
(approximately May to September)


Time out is always something to celebrate – whether it’s brunch, the holidays or simply an after-work drink, our upcoming events provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind. For hotel guests and locals alike.


Pure relaxation! For those looking to fully unwind. Pamper your senses, enjoy fine dining and feel relaxed every minute of the day. True bliss.


Get active! Take a boat out on the lake, hit the trails on a bike or paraglide down a mountain. A bit of adventure never hurt anyone.


Challenge your fitness! Build strength, increase your endurance or set new personal bests. Focus on sport and benefit from optimum nutrition.


Be your best self! Discover the potential of your body and mind and use it to the full. Improve your athletic and everyday performance through professional advice and good nutrition.


Improve your health! The health programmes sustainably strengthen the body and mind. Whether back issues, weight problems or stress: we can improve and protect our health.


Unwind from head to toe! The time has come to focus on finding your centre. Breathe deeply, eat consciously and improve your well-being with invigorating treatments. You will feel fantastic for it.

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