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Giardino Seerose
June 9, 2023

Fascinating fascia – Discover the power of your body network

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Picture fasciae as a web that wraps every muscle, organ, and important part of your body. They can be compared to an elaborate spider web that holds everything together. However, fasciae are not just passive structures; they also house pain and thermoreceptors. They are in fact sensitive and responsible for our body’s perception. The fascia network consists mainly of water, collagen, and elastin. The connective tissue provides padding and protection for our organs, stabilizes our body, transmits force, and plays an essential role in our movements.

Reasons for fascia training – prevention and vitality are guaranteed

Addition to your regular sports training – how to easily expand your workout

Fascia training at home – simple and without equipment

Cropped shot of a sporty young woman making a heart with her hands on her stomach

Fascinating fascia – A web that envelops every muscle, organ and important part of your body.

Reasons for fascia training – prevention and vitality are guaranteed

So why should you devote yourself to fascia training? The answer is simple: fascia training and fascia massages make the tissue more supple, loosen adhesions in the connective tissue and loosen the muscles. This can reduce tension and pain. It is a wonderful way to rebalance the body and give it the freedom to move freely and without restriction. Fascia training is suitable for everyone and is especially valuable for athletes. However, fascia training can also be a great benefit for people who suffer from pain and chronic tension. And not only that – it is ideally suited for prevention in order to stay mobile, fit, and vital.


Fascia training and fascia massages – lead to the reduction of tension and pain.

Addition to your regular sports training – how to easily expand your workout

Should the “regular sports training” now be extended by fascia training? Absolutely! By regularly activating your connective tissue through targeted training, your entire body will become more stretchy and elastic. This effect will also be noticeable in everyday life with every movement. Fascia training increases your overall performance, making a flexible and supple body the basis for vitality and well-being. Therefore, you should also include rolling and specific stretching exercises once or twice a week in your regular training program. The goal of fascia training is to influence the structure of the fascia from the outside in such a way that adhesions and hardenings are loosened, the tissue is stretched and blood circulation is increased.

young woman stretching her back at the gym, using a foam roller

Through targeted fascial training – The entire body becomes more stretchy and elastic.

Fascia training at home – simple and without equipment

And the best for last: you can do fascia training in the comfort of your own home, with or without a fascia roller. You don’t need a lot of space or special equipment to train and maintain your connective tissue. To keep your fascia in the best health, your diet also plays an important role. A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals optimally supports the regeneration of fascia.

Ayurvedic meal

To support the regeneration of fascia – A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals plays an important role.


Surrender to the fascinating world of fasciae. Give them the attention and care they deserve. With regular training and a healthy lifestyle, you will achieve a new level of mobility, strength, and vitality. Tension and blockages will become a distant memory. Start your fascia training today at Hotel Giardino Ascona. As part of the exclusive Special Retreat: Ayurveda Slim, special attention is given to the treatment and strengthening of the fascia through a combination of therapeutic measures and targeted training. Discover the hidden treasures of your own body network!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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