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Giardino Seerose
April 12, 2022

Couples vacation in Ticino – 5 exciting activities in Ticino. Romance guaranteed!

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Whether freshly in love, engaged, or already married for a long time “Love is in the air”, especially around the region on Lake Maggiore in Ticino, which offers romantic settings for your stay for two. A Mediterranean flair with a touch of Italian Dolce Vita meets a breathtaking alpine panorama. Your vacation at Hotel Giardino Lago or Hotel Giardino Ascona promises to be as unique as the location itself.

We’ve put together our top 5 ideas for a successful couple’s vacation in Ascona-Locarno in 2022.

Excursion tip 1 – Discover the “Maldives of Switzerland”

Excursion tip 2 – A touch of dolce vita

Excursion tip 3 – Ahoy! to the water rats among you!

Excursion tip 4 – An adrenaline rush for all power couples

Excursion tip 5 – The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach

P.S. – Extra tip – Flowers say more than 1,000 words

Paarurlaub im Tessin

A time out for two – Plan your couple’s vacation at our Giardino Hotels in Ticino / © Photographer: Jennifer Cicort

Excursion tip 1 – A visit to the “Maldives of Switzerland”

Crystal clear and emerald green water between rock faces, a picturesque village, and Mediterranean temperatures. You will find all this not only in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 7,873 kilometers, but only half an hour by car from Locarno. The village of Lavertezzo is lovingly called the “Maldives of Switzerland” with its curved bridge “Ponte dei Salti” from the 17th century and the wild river Verzasca underneath it, in the “Verzasca Valley” of the same name, the “green heart of Ticino”. So it is not surprising that nature lovers get their full money’s worth there. The valley also offers something to those who just want to sit back, relax and swim.

In summer, however, the bathing places can be crowded, so we recommend you to visit them as early as possible for a refreshing first swim before proceeding with other activities. Because as you already know: the early bird catches the worm!

Brücke Ponte dei Santi

Pure summer feeling – An idyllic ambiance awaits you at the Verzasca River in the valley of the same name.

Excursion tip 2 – A touch of Dolce Vita    

After a refreshing morning swim, strolling together with a gelato in hand along with the picturesque and traditional Piazza Giuseppe Motta, otherwise known as the lake promenade of Ascona? That sounds like pure Dolce Vita. The typical colorfully painted houses in Ascona truly exude joie de vivre, and the cute little town with just under 5,500 inhabitants also has a number of sights to offer. For example, the church of San Pietro e Paolo or the Mountain of Truth aka “Monte Verità”. Locarno, which is 10 minutes away by car, also has a lot to offer, from the Piazza Grande, the center of the town, through small alleys up to the old town with its very special charm. Via Crucis, you can also reach the Sanctuary passing by a picturesque landscape. If you don’t want to walk to the Madonna del Sasso, you can also comfortably take the funicular.

Or how about a short shopping trip through one of the towns in the stores as well as on the market of Ascona? Because to the lakeside of Ascona there is an all-day market every Tuesday from April 12 to October. There you will find mainly typical handicrafts of the region organized by the Associazione Manifestazioni Ascona (AMA). Let yourself be enchanted by the Ascona-Locarno region during a pleasant walk!

View of Ascona from the water - our excursion tips for it

Strolling around – And enjoy a little dolce vita.

Excursion tip 3 – Ahoy to the water rats among you!

Hair in the wind, champagne in your hand – we offer you a very special experience with our yacht “Frauscher” on the glittering waters of Lake Maggiore. From the harbor Patriziale, we sail in the morning across the lake directly to Italy. Not far from the coastal town of Stresa and opposite the Isola Bella, we will have an extensive lunch together at the Ristorante Milano directly on the lake. Afterward, we will sail around the Borromean Islands and past Santa Caterina del Sasso back to our home port. You are welcome to book this romantic experience with us on request and subject to availability. Enjoy a day full of sunshine on Lake Maggiore.

Couple on the yacht Frauscher

Full speed ahead! – With our yacht “Frauscher” on a trip across Lake Maggiore / © Photographer: Thomas Buchwalder

Excursion tip 4 – An adrenaline kick for all power couples

You love to be active together and maybe the special adrenaline kick? There are many possibilities for this in the Ascona-Locarno region. First of all, all hiking fans will get their full money’s worth. For example, a scenic hike is a hike from Alpe di Neggia to Monte Gamborgna. The 2.45-hour hike with 7.4 kilometers is rather one of the shorter hikes and medium-difficult. The trail leads along a thumb path and through the village of Indemini, which has a special Ticino charm. Once at the top, you can reward yourself with a unique view of Lake Maggiore, the alpine world, and deep views of the estuary delta of the Maggia. Also, a picnic at the summit with this view offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the view together and catch your breath before heading back. Another option for all power couples is to explore the area on an e-bike and ride over hill and dale, this way you will get higher, faster, and also a bit further than on a hike.

If you need even more action you can feel like 007, aka Pierce Brosman. Since the jump of James Bond himself from the 220-meter high Verzasca dam in the movie “Goldeneye”, the Verzasca Valley and the dam itself are known worldwide. This is exactly how each of you can also feel and dare to jump from the highest stationary bungee facility ever. Once you have gathered the courage, you will be proud when you have mastered it.

Blick auf die Staumauer zum Bungee Jump

Dizzying heights – A bungee jump from the dam wall is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush.

Excursion tip 5 – As is well known, love goes through the stomach

As the saying goes – the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Therefore, you can expect something very special in good weather conditions at the I love Giardino Dinner in our Hotel Giardino Ascona. Because surrounded by fragrant lemon trees and mimosas, with a view of the water lily pond at dusk, you will enjoy a special evening just for two in the middle of the garden of the Hotel Giardino Ascona. The 4-course menu of our chef becomes a minor matter. Let us spoil you with culinary delights and enjoy a wonderful evening with candlelight for two. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a “jus d’amour” in the bar lounge of our Hotel Giardino Ascona or a sundowner together with the most spectacular play of colors from the roof lounge of our Hotel Giardino Lago. What a crowning conclusion to an eventful day!

Coppia di innamorati sul roof lounge di Giradino Lago

Romantic evening atmosphere – A successful day is best ended comfortably with us!

P.S. – Flowers say more than 1,000 words

Do you want to make a special surprise for your sweetheart with an extraordinary bouquet? Then take a look at our flower offer at Hotel Giardino Ascona now and contact our florist for a consultation. Order already today the bouquet or an exceptional floral decoration in the room.

All florist services are also available as an external guest and can be picked up at an agreed time at the Hotel Giardino Ascona. You are guaranteed to surprise your loved one!

Blumenstrauss vom Floristen im Giardino Ascona

Bright eyes guaranteed! – Make your sweetheart happy and give flowers.

Let’s go!

Whether one or all ideas convince you, we will gladly organize everything in advance. So you don’t have to worry about anything during your couple’s vacation together. If you have any questions about the prices for the individual activities and their organization, please contact our concierge team or visit the websites of the providers.

You haven’t booked a room yet, or do you need support with your ideas? Our team will be happy to help you with the realization of your wishes!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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