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Five-star Design Hotel Ascona

Located on the very edge of Switzerland, almost in Italy, Ascona gives you a sense of la dolce vita – but with a contemporary touch. Doing nothing is an option here, but not an obligation. The same is true of Giardino Ascona. It is a fresh, five-star design hotel that redefines recuperation on Lago Maggiore. Yoga in the morning, yachting in the evening. Pool today, paddle tomorrow. You define what recuperation means to you. Ready?

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Pure relaxation! For those looking to fully unwind. Pamper your senses, enjoy fine dining and feel relaxed every minute of the day. True bliss.


Get active! Take a boat out on the lake, hit the trails on a bike or paraglide down a mountain. A bit of adventure never hurt anyone.


Challenge your fitness! Build strength, increase your endurance or set new personal bests. Focus on sport and benefit from optimum nutrition.


Be your best self! Discover the potential of your body and mind and use it to the full. Improve your athletic and everyday performance through professional advice and good nutrition.


Improve your health! The health programmes sustainably strengthen the body and mind. Whether back issues, weight problems or stress: we can improve and protect our health.


Unwind from head to toe! The time has come to focus on finding your centre. Breathe deeply, eat consciously and improve your well-being with invigorating treatments. You will feel fantastic for it.

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Personal upgrades

Everyone wants to find the perfect experience – the perfect hotel, the perfect location or the perfect moment. But what makes something perfect for you? Giardino has a few ideas, which are divided into six categories. Click the links below to add your very own personal upgrade to your stay.


Giardino Ascona


The green mountains of Ticino, the first palm trees of Italy, and in the midst of them all: the Hotel Giardino Ascona. The building is constructed in the Tuscan style, and the enormous garden is like something from a fairy tale. Another typical luxury hotel on Lago Maggiore? Far from it! We prove that a five-star hotel can be different, too. Three restaurants, a spa, relaxing lounges and rooms full of that wonderful holiday feeling. Curious?

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Ecco Ascona

Giardino Ascona


Enjoy a holiday for your taste buds, for example at the Ecco Ascona restaurant. One of the best fine dining restaurants in Ascona, it has two Michelin stars. Or the Hide & Seek restaurant, where local meets international. Casual dining with refined simplicity. Things get really summery in the Pool Side restaurant, while the Bar-Lounge is the height of cosiness. Hungry?

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dipiù Spa Ascona

Giardino Ascona


Whether it’s the pool, sauna, gym, massage or cosmetics, the dipiù Spa at the Hotel Giardino Ascona is a relaxing and beautifying experience. Wellness, and so much more. Classic or therapeutic massages, Ayurvedic treatments and its own skincare range, inspired and produced by Ticino’s nature. Simply forget the world around you or recharge your batteries. Time out for your body and soul.

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dipiù Spa Ascona
Meetingraum Appunto

Giardino Ascona


An event in Ticino guarantees that pure holiday feeling, as well as a unique backdrop, a sunny spirit and plenty of sensational experiences. It’s a perfect location to add an extra spark to your event. Supercharge your meetings to make them more creative, inspire your team with sporting incentives or celebrate a Mediterranean wedding in Ticino with your guests. We ensure real inspiration. Try us and find out.

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Giardino Ascona

Our promise

Welcome home

Giardino has always differed from other luxury hotels in Switzerland. The Giardino Hotels amaze guests with their very own interpretation of luxury. We break from the norm, try new things and have fresh ideas. Giardino is pleasantly unusual. Yet we still have the heart of a Mediterranean host – and therefore create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. So you can feel completely at ease. Welcome home.
Giardino Ascona