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Giardino Seerose
March 15, 2022
5 tips and recommendations

Day of the back health

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Today is back health day. Take this day as an opportunity to take care of your back a little. Because who doesn’t know them? Back pain and tension. Often the cause is too much sitting in combination with too little movement and poor posture. Many complaints usually disappear as quickly as they came. But if they constantly recur, become chronic or radiate, the quality of life suffers massively. We have summarized what you can do against back pain and for more back health in our five tips against back pain.


Back pain can often be relieved without the use of pain medication. Small changes in everyday life can relieve the back and contribute to relaxation. Depending on the severity, Ayurvedic treatments can also lead to significant improvement in back pain, even when alternatives have already failed. With an Ayurvedic treatment, the issue and cause is considered holistically. Not only manual applications, but also a correction of diet, posture and lifestyle, as well as yoga exercises can provide relief.

Heat is always an appropriate and soothing remedy for tension and muscle stiffness. Ideally, you can relax and keep warm the lower back area with a heat patch, cherry stone pillow or a warm bath.

Exercise is both nourishment and medicine for our musculoskeletal system. Yoga, strength training, but also Pilates or swimming are excellent for gently strengthening the back muscles.

Regular stretching for prevention
Stretching exercises not only help during sports, but are also a very effective means of self-help for musculoskeletal pain. If stretching exercises are performed correctly, you can relieve pain as well as prevent new pain. Shortened muscles and fascia are often the trigger for musculoskeletal pain.

Active muscle training
In addition to general exercise in everyday life, targeted back training of the back muscles is also recommended to relieve the spine. Ideally, a specific training plan is drawn up with a fitness trainer or the physiotherapist.

Good gut health can also be supportive in preventing lower back pain. Unbalanced intestinal health can put pressure on the sacral nerve in the lower back, putting additional strain on it. Therefore, one should additionally pay attention to a diet rich in fiber and take in enough fluids.

Both in case of acute pain and preventively, massages are excellent for loosening tense muscles. Our Ayurveda specialists recommend the following massages in particular for an analgesic and relaxing effect on back pain: a herbal stamp massage or also the cupping massage are optimally suited to loosen aching muscle areas.

Back health at Giardino

We offer soothing massages and baths in our dipiù spas at Giardino Hotels. Browse through our offer. In addition, our Giardino Mountain and Giardino Ascona have a gym and yoga sessions can be attended, which can greatly contribute to back health.

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