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Giardino Seerose
September 5, 2023
Water sports

Foilsurfing in the Hotel Pool of Giardino Bed & Breakfast in Silvaplana

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Certainly, many are acquainted with the exhilarating sport of kitesurfing, but have you ventured into the equally thrilling realms of foil and wingsurfing? All three are immensely exciting water sports usually pursued on lakes or in the vast open sea. In case the weather doesn’t play along, a hotel pool often becomes a favored alternative.

Ben Beholz is not merely an ardent enthusiast of these three surfing disciplines; he immerses himself in them! As a German sports influencer, he embarks on global voyages in his trusty van, tirelessly seeking out the idyllic water locales. In August, he set his course for Silvaplana, the chic kitesurfing haven nestled in Switzerland’s Upper Engadin region. Here, a tapestry of spectacular events like the “Engadinwind” and the “Wingfoil Racing World Cup” frequently unfolds. Ben also made a captivating detour to Giardino Bed & Breakfast in Champfèr. What transpired during his visit? Witness for yourself:

Why Silvaplana, why Giardino Bed & Breakfast? See the interview with Ben Beholz below:

If your curiosity has been aroused and you’re eager to try one of these exhilarating sports, consider placing “Kitesurfing in Silvaplana” right at the top of your must-do list. Silvaplana’s windsurfing school offers a straightforward and accessible way to master the art of windsurfing. As for foil and wingsurfing, we recommend them for the more adventurous souls – rest assured, Lake Silvaplana’s scenic beautiy is equally captivating beyond the water.

Behind the Scenes Ben Beholz

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