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Giardino Seerose
May 24, 2023

Hiking in Ticino – the most beautiful hikes from Ascona

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Ascona: Where village and nature blend and complement each other soothingly. Discover the perfect symbiosis of picturesque Borgo and sunny terraces with breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore, one of the largest lakes in Europe. Immerse yourself in a paradise for coffee lovers and gelato enthusiasts. But that is by far not all. Besides, Ascona also has a lot to offer to nature lovers. Nestled in magnificent mountains and lush forests, the region around Ascona offers countless hiking opportunities for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Experience the incomparable beauty of nature and fill it up with fresh mountain air. Welcome to the hiking hotspot Ascona!

Monte Verità – A spiritual hiking experience

Cardada-Cimetta – Breathtaking hike through forests and meadows

Monte Tamaro – A mountain filled with action and excitement

Drone shots of Hotel Giardino Ascona, Ascona golf course, and Lake Maggiore

Ascona, a charming town on the shores of Lake Maggiore – The ideal starting point for hikes in the region.

Monte Verità – A spiritual hiking experience

Explore the fascinating hikes at Monte Verità and immerse yourself in a combination of fascinating nature and rich history. Monte Verità, also known as the “Mountain of Truth”, is majestically located above Ascona and is a true treasure for hiking enthusiasts.

Monte Verità has a significant historical past that dates back to the early 20th century. In the years around 1900, the mountain became a meeting point for visionary thinkers, artists, and philosophers from all over the world. This community, known as the “Monte Verità Colony”, aspired to an alternative lifestyle and experimented with spiritual, social, and artistic ideas. Famous personalities such as Hermann Hesse, Carl Gustav Jung, and Isadora Duncan were part of this movement. Today Monte Verità is a place that preserves the spirit of free thinking and creative inspiration.

The hikes on Monte Verità offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature while immersing yourself in the mountain’s rich history. There are diverse routes and levels of difficulty to meet the needs of all hikers. Don’t miss the tea ceremony in the park of the former Bauhaus luxury hotel, where the European jet set frequented in the early 20th century. Or visit Casa Anatta with its culturally diverse history.

Bauhaus Hotel on Monte Verità

Bauhaus Hotel on Monte Verità – The hotel has a unique charm and bears the award “Historic Hotel of the Year”.

Cardada-Cimetta – Breathtaking hike through forests and meadows

Cardada-Cimetta – the place where the world seems to stand still and nature shows all its glory. A true paradise for hikers. The well-marked trails lead through a variety of landscapes, such as dense forests, green meadows, and clear streams while offering magnificent views throughout.

During the hike, you will pass some of the most beautiful landscapes of the region, with waterfalls and picturesque chapels. Especially recommended is the route from Cardada to Cimetta – a one-hour hike that will reward you with an unforgettable view. So, if you count yourself among the experienced hikers, dare to make the challenging climb to the top of Cimetta. The route is indeed steep and requires good physical condition. But the view from 1670 meters above sea level is worth the effort. From here you can experience two of Switzerland’s most breathtaking landscapes at once: On one side, Switzerland’s deepest valley in the Maggia Delta stretches between Ascona and Locarno, while on the other, the majestic Monte Rosa massif with its impressive Alpine backdrop dominates the scenery to the west.

An absolute must for every visitor to Cardada-Cimetta: the Funicolare (funicular railroad). In only five minutes, the cable car takes you from Orselina to Cardada, easily overcoming the difference in altitude from 395 to 1,340 meters above sea level. By the way, the design was made by star architect Mario Botta. For all action fans among you: How about a fast-paced mountain bike tour, an exciting paragliding flight, or a courageous climbing session? The well-deserved refreshment can then be enjoyed at the Capanna Cimetta restaurant, which can be reached by chairlift from Cardada or on foot within an hour.

Cardada-Cimetta Hike

Cardada-Cimetta: through woods and meadows – The world seems to stand still here and nature shows all its splendor.

Monte Tamaro – A mountain filled with action and excitement

Welcome to Monte Tamaro – a beautiful mountain for experienced adventurers. Monte Tamaro scores with the beauty of the surrounding valleys and with the view of the sparkling Lake Maggiore. The area also holds an abundance of hiking routes suitable for every skill and experience level.

One of the most famous high-altitude trails in Switzerland is the five-hour hike from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema. This hike fascinates with amazing views and untouched nature. Ideal for those who want to dedicate the whole day to an extended mountain excursion. On the way, you can enjoy a delicious brunch to go at the Alpe Foppa restaurant – just the right refreshment for the day and a feast for all foodies. From Alpe Foppa, a gravel road winds its way to Capanna Tamaro. There, the terrace invites you to take a break before the overwhelming Monte Tamaro summit hike begins. The panoramic trail leads to the foot of the peak and then along the ridge to the 1,962-meter summit. The entire tour takes about one and a half hours. Once at the top, a WOW effect awaits you: a 360° panoramic view of lakes, valleys, towns, and majestic peaks, from the Po Valley to the majestic 4000-meter peaks of the Swiss Alps, Monte Rosa, and the Matterhorn.

Wonder what else Monte Tamaro can do? Get your pulse racing. Are you ready for the thrill? The first and only zipline in Ticino lets you experience the feeling of flying for 440 meters. The starting point of the zipline is near the top station of the Alpe Foppa gondola. After a short briefing, you will go down the steel cable at a speed of 60 km/h over the Piano di Magadino and the Bellinzona area. Take off and enjoy the view.

For a feeling of euphoria and triumph, there is also the rope park on Monte Tamaro. Three tricky courses with 68 exciting exercises and obstacles in a majestic beech forest are waiting for you. Perfect for families and anyone looking for an action-packed challenge.

Monte Tamaro viewpoint

360° panoramic view with WOW effect – 90 km of trails in nature and 80 km of mountain bike trails.


Ascona – Far beyond the Dolce Farniente! Ascona not only scores with impressive architecture and rich cultural offerings, but also offers adventurers and enjoyers a true paradise. The breathtaking nature around Ascona invites you to exciting hikes and adrenaline kicks. And while you are here, you should definitely plan a detour to the Giardino Ascona. How about ending the exhausting day with a refreshing cocktail by the pool? Or treat yourself to a soothing massage to relax those strained muscles? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? We look forward to welcoming you in Ascona and offering you unforgettable experiences.

We are already looking forward to meeting you!

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