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Giardino Seerose

Events in Ascona-Locarno

Unforgettable moments

Take a breath, relax, cool off, move, or simply enjoy. Immerse yourself in a world of exciting activities, cultural highlights, and unique experiences. From prestigious music festivals and art exhibitions to culinary events and sports competitions, there’s always something to discover in Ticino. Get ready for unforgettable moments.

Festival Artisti di strada_©Ticino Turismo_01

17.05.-19.05.24 - Amusement

Street Artists Festival

The idyllic scenery of Ascona sets the stage for artists to showcase a varied program: pantomimes, theater, dance, musicians, and more. The performances are free of charge, creating a sense of joy and carefree enjoyment for all spectators – perfect for the entire family!

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Rear view of the man sitting play acoustic guitar on the outdoor concert with a microphone stand in the front, musical concept.

20.06.-29.06.24 - Music


JazzAscona, significant for the New Orleans Beat since 1985, presents over 10 days with around 200 free concerts in Ascona. As the only festival in Europe, JazzAscona is officially supported by the city of New Orleans, a partnership established since 2022.

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Rear view of the man sitting play acoustic guitar on the outdoor concert with a microphone stand in the front, musical concept.
huge fireworks at swiss national holiday 1 august

04.07.-06.07.24 - Folk Festival

Luci e Ombre

The Luci e Ombre Festival in Locarno-Muralto offers a weekend full of experiences – the highlight? The spectacular fireworks on Saturday at 10:45 p.m.. The festival brings fun for everyone until late into the night!

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11.07.-21.07.24 - Concerts

Moon & Stars

Each year in July, the famous Moon & Stars Festival takes place in beautiful Locarno on the Piazza Grande. Thousands of music lovers are gathering for several days to admire top acts and devote themselves to music in a charming atmosphere. Information about the acts and tickets can be found on the official Moon & Stars site.

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07.08.-17.08.24 - Cinematic Event

Locarno Film Festival 2024

Welcome to the Locarno Film Festival – one of the most exciting and diverse film festivals in the world! Every year, cinematic masterpieces from all over the globe flock to the picturesque city of Locarno, nestled on the shores of Lake Maggiore, ready to unfold before an enthusiastic audience. Dive into the captivating world of cinema as we collectively push the boundaries of storytelling and celebrate the magic of film.

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Ascona Polo Cup_©Ticino Turismo_02

06.09.-08.09.24 - Riding Tournament

Ascona Polo Cup

The Ascona Polo Cup, the highlight of the 12th edition, promises unforgettable moments with six teams and over 80 horses.

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Ascona Polo Cup_©Ticino Turismo_02

12.09.-15.09.24 - Show Jumping Tournament

Longines CSI Ascona

This year, once again, the renowned international show jumping tournament, the Longines CSI Ascona, takes place. On the former Ascona airport, the world’s top female and male riders will engage in spectacular show jumping competitions. For four days, the audience can delight in the thrilling equestrian competition.

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05.10.24 - Folk Festival

Fall Festival

The autumn festival in Ticino invites you to experience the traditional atmosphere with customs and craftsmanship from days gone by. Enjoy typical specialties, learn from your grandparents, and discover the diversity of chestnuts.

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