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Giardino Seerose

Active vacation in Ticino

Experience Ticino actively

Fancy some time off, but not getting bored by the pool? Join the club! We have just the right thing for you: from stand-up paddling on Lake Maggiore and a game of golf to action-packed e-bike tours and hikes through the breathtaking Ticino landscape, it’s all here. With us, every adventurer gets his money’s worth! Treat yourself to some active time out.

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Rolf Fliegauf

Eating among friends

Star Aperitif with Rolf Fliegauf

It does not get more personal than this. At the Ecco restaurant, you eat among friends. Star chef Rolf Fliegauf prepares a selection of different Ecco appetizers exclusively for you. You can watch the star chef live over his shoulder and ask him questions, or simply enjoy the experience. Want more? We will gladly reserve a table for dinner at Ecco for you afterwards.

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A tour through Ascona

On the road with the concierge

In over 30 years as head concierge, Claudio Caser has experienced a lot and made the impossible possible. His assets: knowledge, experience, and the unique charm of South Tyrol. Join Claudio on a 90-minute walk through Ascona, which he refers to as the “craziest village in the world.” His knowledge of the region is hard to surpass, and the stories he shares are unique and can’t be found in any travel guide or travel blog.

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GA_Neues Bild Frauscher

With the motor yacht Frauscher 1017 GT to Bella Italia

Italia ahoi!

In the morning, starting from the Patriziale Yacht Harbor, the journey takes you across the lake to Italy. After a leisurely lunch at Ristorante Milano on the shore and exploring the Borromean Islands, you return to the starting point in the afternoon, passing by Santa Caterina del Sasso.

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A tour through Val Verzasca

Guided by Giardino

In the autumnal charm of Ticino, the Val Verzasca unfolds its magic. The lakeside paths adorned with colorful chestnut trees invite you to leisurely strolls. Chief Concierge Claudio Caser accompanies you with over 30 years of experience, sharing his profound knowledge and telling captivating stories. An unforgettable day that showcases the uniqueness of Ticino.

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Stand Up Paddle Tour on Lake Maggiore

Paddle and Go!

The SUPs (stand-up paddleboards) are the new must-haves for water sports enthusiasts – they can easily conquer Lake Maggiore. In the morning, the guests cycle from the Giardino Ascona to the sister hotel Giardino Lago in Minusio, near Locarno. On the Roof Lounge, you can fortify yourself with a classic, the Lago Burger (also available vegetarian). Afterward, it goes directly on the SUP or even into the cool water, if the balance wavers.

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Over hill and dale with the Giardino e-bikes

Bike the Valley

Discover the spectacular valley and the surrounding mountains on the e-bikes. A must for all nature and sports enthusiasts – and with the e-bike, you get higher, faster, and further exactly where you want to go. Charge the care package and off you go over hill and dale.

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Green far and wide

Train for golf

Anyone who plays golf knows what performance the body must deliver in this sport. What many do not know is that through targeted training, the performance in the game can be improved amazingly. The Summer Special Golf Training can be ideally completed during a golf week. Personal goals such as injury prevention, strength building, or coordination skills can be set individually and emphasized accordingly. The Giardino Ascona is the first golf resort in Ticino: with direct access to the 18-hole course of the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona, the oldest golf course in Ticino, you can hardly be closer to the action (or green).

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Golf Check-Up

The Giardino Ascona is the first golf resort in Ticino: with direct access to the 18-hole course of the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona (by appointment), the oldest golf course in Ticino, you can hardly be closer to the action. So that you don’t always end up with the same handicap, there is the Golf Body Balance program for ambitious golfers. The renowned physiotherapist Cornelia Albrecht has developed “Golf Perfekt” together with sports physicians and gets a concrete picture of rotation, stability, and coordination of the body during the game.

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All trainings are accompanied personally.

Personal Training

No matter what sporting goal you are pursuing, getting fitter, shaping your body, losing weight, strengthening your back, reducing stress, or trying something new. Our Giardino team will help you achieve your desired goal. During personal training, you will be individually advised and accompanied by our Giardino fitness experts.

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Outdoor Cycling Tour in Ticino

Outdoor Cycling Class

With an outdoor cycling class, you can improve your condition in the long term, get fitter, have fun exercising, and reduce stress. Our Giardino team will help you reach your desired goal. One of our Giardino fitness experts will take you on a cycling tour through the beautiful nature of Ticino. You will go uphill and downhill through the valleys of Ticino, similar to a classic Cycling Fitness Class.

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Hiking in Ticino

The best hiking trails in Ticino

The 6 most beautiful hikes in Ticino
  • Enchanting hike through the Valle del Salto.
  • Hiking in the Gotthard Pass region.
  • Relaxed summit hike to Monte Ferraro.
  • Hiking from Valcolla to Monte Bar.
  • Wonderful high-altitude hike from Cardada to Mergoscia.
  • Circular hiking trail from Serpiano to Monte San Giorg.


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