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Giardino Seerose
September 27, 2022

Autumn time is wellness time – 5 tips from Ayurveda

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Between slowly turning colorful leaves you can currently enjoy the last late summer sun rays of the autumn season in our hotels Giardino Ascona, Giardino Lago and the Giardino Bed & Breakfast, the “Indian Summer”.

Read tips from our Ayurveda experts on how to survive the autumn season fit and invigorated: 

Hint 1 – Take a deep breath

Hint 2 – Warm start to the day

Hint 3 – #MeTime

Hint 4 – Need to catch up with sleep

Hint 5 – Small but nice!

Indian Summer Die Welt wird in eine goldgelbe Farbenwelt getaucht. 

Hint 1 – Take a deep breath and breathe deeply

The sun shines on the skin and triggers a pleasant feeling of warmth – the air, on the other hand, is already cooler and fresh, but the sky is a brilliant blue. This is the ideal starting point for an extensive autumn walk with crunching leaves under your shoes and a world bathed in a colorful play of colors. It doesn’t matter whether you go alone, as a couple, or even with the whole family – it will do you good.

Our Ayurveda experts recommend that you take a long walk in the colorful autumn forest two or three times a week. Because these walks provide an inner support, strengthen the immune system, and last but not least help to build up your ojas, as a part of the three doshas – the strengthening element of life energy. This is elementary for a contented feeling of happiness.

Familie spaziert durch den Herbstwald

Happy all around – During a walk in the autumn season.

Hint 2 – A warm start to the day

As is well known, one should eat breakfast like a king. Especially in the autumn season, you should take enough time for the start into the day and the associated breakfast. Start the day with a few cups of warm water, enriched with ginger, cinnamon or lemon. This will get your digestion going and warm you from the inside.

Our Ayurveda experts also recommend a warm breakfast consisting of fruit compote and a porridge. Basically, give priority to warming herbs and foods in the fall. After all, anything cold puts a strain on your digestion and cools you down from the inside. Especially in autumn, the human body needs more energy to keep it warm and active, so you can consciously control this consumption of energy by choosing the right herbs and foods.



Breakfast – Is the most important meal of the day!

Hint 3 – #MeTime

When it’s storming outside in the autumn season, raining and in higher mountain areas even snowing, there is nothing better than switching off your head and taking a little time for yourself.

A self-massage, or even a warm herbal stamp massage have a very beneficial effect on the body. These bring the Prana in the ayurvedic teachings, the cosmic energies or also the breath of life, again into flow. In addition, tensions are also released, which is optimal for complaints of the musculoskeletal system. Regular alkaline baths lower the heat accumulated in the body and remove excess acids from the organism. In addition, you should try to go regularly to the sweat bath, or to the humid sauna. This helps to eliminate cold and is ideal for joint pain.

Kräuterstempelmassage im Herbst

Time for yourself – Is time for relaxation.

Hint 4 – Need to catch up on sleep

Summer is a busy time and you are on the road a lot. In the process, it was often not possible to get enough sleep. However, an adult needs an average of seven to nine hours of sleep, depending on individual needs. According to a guideline from the National Health Foundation, six hours of sleep is the lower limit, and ten hours is the upper limit. Therefore, especially in the fall season, allow yourself longer rest periods and more sleep by consciously paying attention to a balanced sleep ratio.


Dive into slumberland – you can easily without a guilty conscience in the autumn season.

Hint 5 – Small but powerful!

This describes the effect of micronutrients very aptly for your immune system. Because through the targeted intake of these, this is strengthened. Therefore, you should pay attention to a sufficient supply of these in the autumn season. What exactly micronutrients are, what happens in your body with a deficiency of these and how you take them, you will learn in this blog article!

Micronutrients in fruit and vegetables

Small and yet big – Are micronutrients for our body.


One thing is clear: the autumn season is already approaching. Use the tips from our Ayurveda experts, so you will master the arriving time well. If you are interested in the topic of Ayurveda, have questions or would like to book a treatment, please contact our Ayurveda-Experts!

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