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Giardino Seerose
September 6, 2021
3 Days

Perfect Weekend in Locarno

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There are thousands of good reasons to travel to Ticino, one of which is that during autumn and winter, the “sunniest corner in Switzerland” is exceptionally charming. But what to do when time is limited? Here are a few tips – all the locations are easily reachable on foot or by bike from Giardino Lago.

Day 1

1. Arrive at Giardino Lago
2. Tea time
3. Bicycle ride to Ascona
4. Dinner at the Lago restaurant

Day 2

1. Leisurely breakfast
2. Walk to Locarno
3. Visit Pinacoteca Casa Rusca (Chagall, Picasso and Dadaists Jean and Marguerite Arp)
4. See, taste and marvel at the historic city centre: try some of the delicious panettone at La pasticceria Marnin (Piazza Sant’ Antonio) or admire the jewellery designed by Zoltan Ragasits (Via alla Motta)
5. Ascend on foot to the Madonna del Sasso and enjoy the views over the lake and mountains from this pilgrimage church
6. In the late afternoon, visit the thermal baths in Locarno
7. Autumn set menu at the Lago restaurant, digestif by the open fire

Day 2

1. Buffet breakfast with a Sunday newspaper
2. Hiking tour of the Maggia valley, taking either the Roman path from Monte Verità to Brissago or the chestnut educational trail through Upper Malcantone

Day Spa Ticket at hotel Giardino Ascona

If all else fails, the dipiù Spa in the sister hotel Giardino Ascona offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sauna area and indoor pool, or to revive your spirits with a massage or beauty treatment. Hotel guests of Giardino Lago can use the spa with a day spa ticket for CHF 50.

Chestnut educational trail

The Ticinese call it the “sentiero del castagno”. It’s situated in the region of Malcantone, where poet Hermann Hesse once lived, and leads through huge chestnut woods and enchanting little villages. The starting point is Arosio, around a 30-minute drive from Hotel Giardino Lago.

Best time of year: September to November
Distance: 14.8 kilometres
Elevation difference: 728 metres
Duration: 5 hours

The hotel to the story:
Giardino Lago, Minusio

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