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Giardino Seerose
August 9, 2021
Native herbs

The essence of rosemary and its effect

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Rosemary, which can be found in almost every garden today, originally comes from the Mediterranean region. Even in ancient times, rosemary was highly valued as an herb. It was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite and symbolised love and beauty. The name “rosemary” comes from Latin and means something like “dew of the sea”. In the first century AD, rosemary was introduced to Central Europe by monks and was considered an important medicinal plant, especially in the monasteries.
Even today, rosemary is an important medicinal plant with a wide variety of effects. Rosemary has a fiery nature, warms the body, has an affinity with fire and kindles the spirit when the inner drive is extinguished. It gives drive, enthusiasm and helps people who feel burnt out inside. Rosemary is successfully used for low blood pressure, circulatory disorders and anaemia. Rosemary thus stimulates the circulation, strengthens, warms and also relieves cramps.

The areas of application of rosemary as a medicinal plant, physical (excerpt/examples)
  • As a circulatory remedy for low blood pressure
  • For chills
  • For heart complaints and cardiac arrhythmia
  • For strengthening the digestive system
  • For strengthening the nervous system
  • Women’s complaints (lack of menstruation, menstrual cramps)
  • Anaemia
  • Joint pain and muscle tension
  • Migraine/headaches
The areas of application of rosemary as a medicinal plant, spiritual (excerpt/examples)
  • For lack of enthusiasm
  • When there is a lack of energy, when the inner spark is extinguished
  • When the joy of life is missing

Rosemary can be used internally as a tea, as a tincture or externally as a bath additive. The essential oil should only be used externally because it is very strong and can irritate the stomach if taken internally. Our Ayurveda specialists will be happy to advise you personally on its use.

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