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Giardino Seerose

At one with nature

Where the last mountains of the Swiss Alps meet the first lemon groves of Italy lie the origins of dipiù – a declaration of love of Ticino’s nature and its power. “di più” is an Italian phrase meaning “more”. Accordingly, the dipiù brand represents more innovation, professionalism and Mediterranean dolce vita. The cosmetics line and signature treatments for the Giardino Hotels were developed by Daniela Frutiger in collaboration with qualified dermatologists and Ticino vintner Meinrad C. Perler from the Tenimento dell’Ör winery. Discover our range of services as well as selected supplements of Aveda and QMS.

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Tips for a perfect day at a dipiù Spa

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Ticino’s nature is a thing of splendour, packed with life, expression and natural beauty. These are also attributes that bring out the best in every face and add impact to every look. The dipiù facials take the sheer radiance of the local nature and transfer it to your skin. The Aveda treatments, which are inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy, and the QMS Medicosmetics treatments complement the options from dipiù.


Ticino thrives on its natural strengths and balance. It is a place where you are at one with the elements; where your mind can be in harmony with the quiet lapping of the waves on Lago Maggiore. The dipiù and Aveda massages further support the process of balance and are tailored to your individual needs. All that matters is the here and now.

Body treatments

Take a dip in Lago Maggiore or enjoy the fresh breeze up on an Alpine plateau – when the elements envelop your body, you feel at one with nature. Equally holistic experiences can be enjoyed with the dipiù and Aveda body treatments, which use natural essences for particularly intensive effect.


Perfect to complement your stay at hotel Giardino Mountain.

Zoner Anti-Aging Trilogy

Ayurvedic treatments and therapies

To relax and recuperate, people need places of peace, power and balance. The Giardino hotels are in just such places: in Mediterranean Ticino and in the Engadine with its refreshing winter. Ayurvedic treatments have a balancing effect on the body and mind, naturally restoring your sense of well-being.

Available for booking during the period from 14.01.-19.01.24 and 29.01.-03.02.24.

Be beautiful – Beauty

Beauty is a natural thing. A gift that we like to look after and preserve. As in nature, this involves a process of constant renewal, which regularly needs our attention. Like a magnificent garden, we can support and accentuate our natural beauty. And dipiù does precisely that to give you a radiant appearance that respects your natural being.

Be a man

The male nature is often harsher than the female. As a result, the body and soul need particular support to help them regenerate. Massages relax the muscle tissue, while facials have a cleansing and restorative effect.

Day Spa

Sometimes you don’t need a lot, but rather just enough of the right thing: for total relaxation and a clear mind when you’re short on time, a stay in our Giardino oasis is perfect. External guests are always welcome to use the facilities, such as the dipiù Spa and the Aveda Hair Salon at the Giardino Hotels with their varied treatment offers or packages, programmes, as well as the pools, fitness, sauna and garden landscape with its terraces, as day guests. Please reserve your desired day and the appropriate treatment in good time in advance. Admission to the day spa is only available in combination with a treatment of 60 minutes or more.


Whether for burning off or topping up energy, the fitness classes at the dipiù Spas offer something for everyone. The gyms are furnished with the latest Technogym equipment while expert yoga teachers help bring the body and mind to a state of harmony.

Aveda Hair Salon

Taking care of your hair is no small matter – it’s an integral part of your personality. The way you treat, cut, care for and style your hair is a reflection of your overall self-expression.

Hair Spa Treatments

Aveda Hair Care products are mostly vegan and contain plant-based cleaning and care substances, as well as robust and powerful resins – for a styling that is not only beautiful and unique, but also natural.

Hair Salon Specials