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Giardino Seerose

For meetings and events

A seminar room in the heart of the mountains, cosy lounges that are perfect for get-togethers and restaurants that offer everything from local to extravagant: the Hotel Giardino Mountain near St. Moritz offers the ideal backdrop for every event for groups of 4 to 50 people. Sporting challenges can also be arranged on request, to give those attending the perfect kick in between times.

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From seminars to lounges

Salon Hide & Seek seminar room
74 m2, maximum of 53 people
Including 75-inch LCD screen, garden access, mountain views

Hide & Seek Bar-Lounge
122 m2, maximum of 80 people
Including a fireplace, bar and dance floor

Sun deck hotel terrace
400 m2, maximum of 100 people
Plus lawn/snow field

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Team events and incentives

Aiming high together

It’s not always easy to have fresh ideas and a clear head in the midst of the dreary office routine. But it’s an entirely different situation in the Engadine, where the fresh air raises your energy and the magnificent scenery inspires your creativity. At Giardino Mountain, the ideal infrastructure for smaller meetings and intensive brainstorming sessions makes it easy for teams to aim high together. You’ll be more than ready for the next quarter.

Perfect team day

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