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Giardino Seerose

Five-star Design Hotels

You love Switzerland? So do we. Want five-star quality? Quite rightly so. But without any pretentiousness? Fantastic! After all, genuine luxury nowadays is having a choice – the choice of what really does you good. That calls for freedom. And Giardino Hotels provide just that. Want to relax by the pool today, explore the Alps tomorrow and fortify your health the day after? No problem. You choose the personal touches, we make them happen.

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Time out is always something to celebrate – whether it’s brunch, the holidays or simply an after-work drink, our upcoming events provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind. For hotel guests and locals alike.


Work and holiday combined! The perfect combination at the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland.


Pure relaxation! For those looking to fully unwind. Pamper your senses, enjoy fine dining and feel relaxed every minute of the day. True bliss.


Get active! Take a boat out on the lake, hit the trails on a bike or paraglide down a mountain. A bit of adventure never hurt anyone.


Challenge your fitness! Build strength, increase your endurance or set new personal bests. Focus on sport and benefit from optimum nutrition.


Be your best self! Discover the potential of your body and mind and use it to the full. Improve your athletic and everyday performance through professional advice and good nutrition.


Improve your health! The health programmes sustainably strengthen the body and mind. Whether back issues, weight problems or stress: we can improve and protect our health.


Unwind from head to toe! The time has come to focus on finding your centre. Breathe deeply, eat consciously and improve your well-being with invigorating treatments. You will feel fantastic for it.

Perfect your stay

Personal upgrades

Everyone wants to find the perfect experience – the perfect hotel, the perfect location or the perfect moment. But what makes something perfect for you? Giardino has a few ideas, which are divided into six categories. Click the links below to add your very own personal upgrade to your stay.

Medical history

Focus: Therapy

Ayurveda by Giardino

Deceleration, self-discovery, and self-regulation – Ayurveda offers a holistic therapeutic approach and often helps where conventional methods fail in the long term. Our Ayurveda packages combine traditional wisdom with modern wellness approaches to promote balance and rejuvenation. The Giardino team, led by Florence Steger, along with other qualified Ayurveda therapists, provides professional support. As a beginner, learn about Ayurveda and its sustainable impact on well-being. As an expert, benefit from Western standards and a short journey. Available in Ascona and St. Moritz.

About Ayurveda by Giardino


Our promise

Welcome home

Giardino has always differed from other luxury hotels in Switzerland. The Giardino Hotels amaze guests with their very own interpretation of luxury. We break from the norm, try new things and have fresh ideas. Giardino is pleasantly unusual. Yet we still have the heart of a Mediterranean host – and therefore create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. So you can feel completely at ease. Welcome home.
Lago Maggiore

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The Giardino Hotels are all located in the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. Seriously! Through the Alpine world of St. Moritz to the Mediterranean backdrop of Ticino in Ascona and Locarno on the banks of Lago Maggiore – never before has there been such stunning choice. All destinations are members of Design Hotels and offer uncompromising quality while being free from the conservative conventions you might expect of five-star resorts.

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Ecco Zurich



Two Michelin stars and up to 18 Gault Millau points – the accolades speak for themselves. But perhaps it is also due to them that we should say a little more! After all, our restaurants are multi-award-winning, yet have always remained down to earth. The Ecco restaurants offer perfect fine dining with honest enthusiasm. The Hide & Seek serves international cuisine but is passionate about local ingredients. And do not forget the Stüva and the Lago restaurant. Why not take a look for yourself?

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Ecco Zurich
dipiù Spa Ascona

More than wellbeing


The services are inspired by Ticino; the products are made from regional ingredients. The Giardino Hotel spas are at one with nature. They all bear the name dipiù, meaning “more”. And that is exactly what you can expect from them. Massages, beauty treatments, gyms, pools and saunas are all available. As too are Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Everything you need to both look and feel wonderful.

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