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Giardino Seerose

Health Retreat: COR-Balance® with Barbara Schmidt

This year, for the first time, our health program will be complemented by the use of COR-Balance® systems. Experience how frequency therapy activates your self-healing powers. This program is conducted and supervised by Barbara Schmidt and our trained therapists. Barbara Schmidt is a holistic life science therapist. Her strength is the frequency technology in the application for a holistic functional analysis of the body, which includes all levels. The physical – psychological/mental and spiritual levels are directly connected and result in all the characteristics of the human being. Experience for yourself how this therapy changes you in a lasting positive way!

The 7-21 day program “Health COR-Balance” gently restores balance. Your self-healing powers are activated and your quality of life improves sustainably. An Ayurvedic diet and coordinated therapies support the body in detoxifying. This process is accompanied by yoga and meditation.

The “health program” includes (for a 7-day treatment):

– A bio-frequency analysis (120 min.) with Barbara Schmidt

– Nutritional supplements
– Daily alkaline baths
– A personalized nutritional consultation
– Four treatments (à 60 min.) tailored to your profile
– Four COR-Balance frequency therapies (à 35 min.)
– One coaching/life counseling session with Barbara Schmidt (60 min.)
– Workshop/lecture with Barbara Schmidt
– One final consultation (30 min.)

– Ayurvedic tri dosha full board
– Yoga, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and meditation
– Sweat therapy (Svedana) in our sauna world

Special weekly programs with sports and exercise can be arranged additionally for all Ayurveda retreats (CHF 160/hour). You can find a sample plan of how your personal weekly program could look like here.

The treatments can be extended individually (additional day including all treatments and full board 370 CHF). Recommended is an extension of up to 21 days.

This could also be of interest to you:

Starting from 08.01. you can book one of our three Ayurveda specials “Get to know Ayurveda“, “Detox with Ayurveda” including bio-frequency analysis (90 min.) with Barbara Schmidt, or “Ayurveda Rejuvenation” including bio-frequency analysis (90 min.) with Barbara Schmidt at Hotel Giardino Mountain as an alternative to the Health Special.

7 days/6 nights

Course price*
CHF 5’360 including Ayurvedic tri dosha full board, optionally extendable for 880 CHF/night

*The price indicated is per person and includes the room rate and all Ayurvedic services.

January: arrival dates from 8.01.23 (last arrival possible on 21 January)
at Hotel Giardino Mountain (arrival on Sundays; program starts on Mondays)

Your Ayurveda team is personally available here for consultations and inquiries:

+41 800 333 313

Send request

More information about the COR-Balance® frequency therapy

The frequency therapy procedure is altogether divided into two parts: the first part is about the analysis or detection, and the second part is about the treatment itself. Read on to learn more about the two steps.

In the first step of detection, the bio-frequency COR system measures the nerve and connective tissue activities in different areas of the organism. This way, an over- or under-function of organ systems is detected. This can later be treated specifically.

In the analysis, the reaction of the organism to nature-identical substances is also tested via a sub-trance test module. The resonance method is used here, which measures a resonance to the stimulation signal during a stimulation phase. The organism can react in two directions. The first direction would be rejection (intolerance), which can be determined by increased activity of the organ systems or a subsystem. A reaction in the second direction can also lead to a relief of overloaded organ systems, which can be measured by a decreased activity of an organ system. The system works here on a purely physical basis and requires neither injections nor additional preparations.

Thereby, the detection of resonances is not bound to organic material, but stimulation signals for pathogens, viruses, nosodes, or substances of mineral and pharmaceutical origin as well as synthetically produced substances are available. The database now includes nearly 25,000 different substances, which have been continuously expanded and updated over the past 30 years. The stimulation signals are sorted thematically for diagnosis as well as treatment and are stored in digital form. This way, it is also possible to identify preparations that have not been available on the market for many years but are still present in the domestic environment (e.g. paints, varnishes, building materials, pesticides, etc).

Resonance frequencies are used specifically to detect food intolerances or to identify the origins of allergic reactions.

In the second part, during the treatment, the smallest electromagnetic signals are used, which are partly generated by the body itself, to initiate self-regulation. Here, the COR system uses fully automatic measuring systems to connect the signals to the correct electrodes. However, targeted pauses are also inserted to wait for the organism’s reaction and to react to it before the next program step. The aim of the treatment is to support the self-regulation of the organism in the case of over-function or to reactivate it in the case of under-function.

During treatment, resonance frequencies are also used in the case of stress in order to eliminate substances of mineral origin as well as environmental toxins via the normal excretory pathways. In the treatment of living organisms, the exciter is set into resonance vibration by means of the above-mentioned digitally stored stimulation signals. If resonance occurs (no matter where it is located in the organism), it leads to heating. Microorganisms can thus be rendered harmless and eliminated via natural excretion.

In the treatment with psychobiophony (COR system), additional brain areas are activated via headphones in parallel with a manual treatment by using tuning signals, which then release hormones and brain-active substances. These in turn trigger emotions, which are transmitted to the psyche as well as the organ systems.

The psychobiophony combines two applications into one common system. The psychobiophony runs fully automatically and through the use of Cor-Balance® systems, the therapies are even individually adapted by the therapy part depending on the situation.


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