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Giardino Seerose

Special Retreat: Get to know Ayurveda

This Ayurveda special was developed for all those who want to take time out and have planned a new beginning. The program combines the millennia-old knowledge of Ayurveda with the latest findings of nutritional science and offers an optimal start to actively take your health into your own hands.

With the three-day time-out “Get to know Ayurveda” you will experience what Ayurveda can already achieve in a very short time. You will learn about your constitution type (dosha and personal body composition) and gain insight into Ayurvedic nutrition, its principles, and how to implement them in everyday life. The time out “Get to know Ayurveda” includes, on the one hand, light and Mediterranean Ayurveda cuisine, on the other hand, Ayurvedic treatments, exercise as well as relaxation moments. In this way, one’s body forces can be brought into balance, burdening toxins can be eliminated and the body’s self-healing powers can be stimulated. Ideal for beginners without any previous knowledge.

You do not need any previous knowledge. But even if you are already convinced of Ayurveda, this compact time-out is perfect as an introduction or as a refresher.

The “Get to know Ayurveda Program” includes:

– Constitutional assessment and impedance analysis as well as a personalized nutritional program

– 2 coordinated Ayurvedic treatments (60 min. each)
– 1 coordinated facial application by Aveda or dipiù (90 min.)

– Ayurvedic tri-dosha full board
– Yoga, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and meditation
– Participation in the weekly program
– Sweat therapy (Svedana)
– Admission to the dipiù spa area

Special weekly programs with sports and exercise can be arranged additionally for all Ayurveda retreats (CHF 160/hour).

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3 days/2 nights

CHF 980 including Ayurvedic Tri-Dosha full board for 3 days (plus room rate for 2 nights)

May: Arrival dates on 8.05., 15.05. and 22.5.22
June: Arrival dates on 05.06. and 12.06.22
August: Arrival dates on 28.08. and 04.09.22
October: Arrival dates on 16.10. and 23.10.22
at Hotel Giardino Ascona (arrival on Sundays; program starts on Mondays)

For consultations and inquiries, the Ayurveda team is personally available here:

+41 800 333 313

Send request

Time out is always something to celebrate – whether it’s brunch, the holidays or simply an after-work drink, our upcoming events provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind. For hotel guests and locals alike.


Pure relaxation! For those looking to fully unwind. Pamper your senses, enjoy fine dining and feel relaxed every minute of the day. True bliss.


Get active! Take a boat out on the lake, hit the trails on a bike or paraglide down a mountain. A bit of adventure never hurt anyone.


Challenge your fitness! Build strength, increase your endurance or set new personal bests. Focus on sport and benefit from optimum nutrition.


Be your best self! Discover the potential of your body and mind and use it to the full. Improve your athletic and everyday performance through professional advice and good nutrition.


Improve your health! The health programmes sustainably strengthen the body and mind. Whether back issues, weight problems or stress: we can improve and protect our health.


Unwind from head to toe! The time has come to focus on finding your centre. Breathe deeply, eat consciously and improve your well-being with invigorating treatments. You will feel fantastic for it.


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