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Giardino Seerose

Lose weight sustainably

Want to lose weight – sustainably, without a yo-yo effect and without suffering? You are far from alone in this desire. Today, one in two people in Europe are classed as overweight. It is a widespread problem that is often caused by our modern standard of living. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, being permanently overweight often also results in health problems. The most common of these include fatiguing quickly, high blood pressure, joint problems and diabetes. There is also the issue of a constant feeling of dissatisfaction.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, weight issues are always associated with a disrupted or reduced digestive fire and the accumulation of toxins (ama) in the body. Ama block the body’s microchannels, leading to an increase in fatty tissue.

The six-day “Lose weight sustainably” cure helps you both lose weight and sustain your target weight. First, your medical history is used to determine the causes of your imbalance. The individual programme (incl. a personal nutrition plan) then stimulates an active metabolism and improves digestion. We work together to lay the foundations for a new body image and a healthier lifestyle. Yoga provides a gentle introduction to physical activity and meditation restores your inner peace. The additional nutritional coaching helps you keep the weight off sustainably. After just a few days, you will have reshaped your body image and feel not only lighter but above all happier with your body.

“Lose weight sustainably”  includes:

– Medical history consultation with a pulse rate and tongue diagnosis as well as nutrition counselling

– 1 nutritional coaching session (60 min.)
– 2 abhyanga massages (90 min.)
– 1 herbal compress massage (60 min.)
– 2 garshana or udvartana massages (30 min.)

– Ayurvedic full board
– Yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation
– Participation in the weekly programme
– Perspiration therapy (svedana)
– Entry to the spa area

– Final consultation and strengthening of the body’s natural resources

General information

  • Ayurveda cures should last at least three days.
  • Alcohol, coffee and other stimulants should be avoided.
  • The cure prices already include all necessary cure services without any hidden additional costs (incl. a personal nutrition plan and full board).
  • Hotel services are not included. Cure guests receive a 20% reduction on the room price (subject to availability during the high season and on public holidays).

6 days (extendable)

Cure price
CHF 1,750 (excl. room price)

Ascona (summer season)
St. Moritz (winter season)

For consultations and enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Ayurveda team:

+41 800 333 313

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