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Giardino Seerose

Giardino talent culture

People will always be unique individuals, but here at Giardino, we begin and end as a team. We are proud of our collaborative and innovative spirit and understand that we’re stronger together. Psst… This part is actually just for the bosses – but it can’t hurt to take a quick look…

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Employee engagement

‘Let’s do it better’

The world of luxury hotels has become arbitrary and interchangeable. The highest standard in luxury and design is no longer enough to impress well-travelled guests. So what really counts in an age of digital exchange, when people are bombarded by social media notifications every second of the day? Personal interactions, charming personalities, smiling faces, unique characters and of course: unexpected moments

So how can we ensure our employees are fulfilling this inspiring role? That their time at Giardino is a success? That they’re jumping out of bed in the mornings in a great mood? Forming fantastic teams and feeling excited to come into work? How can we make sure that, at a time when there’s a shortage of skilled workers, we are employing the brightest and best in our industry and that they’ll go on to recommend Giardino as an employer?

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The magic word is...


What does leadership mean here at Giardino? First and foremost, it means that you know exactly what you want, that you like yourself as a person and know what is good for you. This is a question of integrity. What is integrity? Let’s get academic for a moment: personal integrity is the continuous alignment of one’s personal value system and personal ideals with one’s own words and actions. A person of integrity lives and acts in the knowledge that their behaviour reflects their personal beliefs, standards and values.

In short: personal integrity is about being true to yourself. But it also means taking into account the integrity and dignity of others and striving not to violate it. So as a leader, you need to face up to yourself first before taking the helm to motivate other employees. This process of self-reflection will be a part of your leadership journey throughout your life. It will form the cornerstone of your success – or your failure.


What is leadership all about anyway?

In a nutshell

The mission of our managers here at Giardino is not to solve technical problems, but above all to influence the energy levels of the organisation, get the best out of our employees, make the right decisions in stressful situations and avoid the wrong types of motivation. When it comes to achieving all this, expertise isn’t enough. It takes empathy and passion to adapt to individual personalities and so on and so forth…

We are always examining the quality of our leadership because we firmly believe that employees can only keep our guests happy if they themselves are satisfied – and to be honest, we all want to enjoy our jobs. There are also regular opportunities to evaluate your boss, who will then use your feedback as the basis for their future goals.

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So what do all these ideas look like in everyday working life?

Honest, transparent and natural

In order to deliver the Giardino standard of quality, we work together with honesty and loyalty. Constructive criticism is exchanged and respected. We help one another and take an open-minded approach. We’re allowed to make mistakes, which we then learn from and do not repeat. As a result, we have real personalities working at Giardino, all as unique as each of our guests. Together, as a team, we embody the unique spirit of the Giardino brand.

  • It is of the utmost important that we treat one another, ourselves and our environment with respect.
  • Social responsibility is our responsibility.
  • We can achieve our environmental and economic goals if we work together.
  • Our team spirit makes us stronger.
  • We are set apart by our authenticity and our wealth of experience.
  • We never stop learning.
  • It is worth our while to inspire people and enable them to incorporate wellness and beauty
  • into their lives.
  • It pays to promote innovative ideas and responsible decision-making.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, in our
  • conduct and our services – and it shows.
  • The key to long-term success is balance, both in our personal and professional lives.
  • True leadership is practised to an exemplary standard and with great passion. Experience and knowledge are shared.


‘We attend to our guests with warm hospitality and a genuine smile. That’s the Giardino spirit that makes us so unique.’

Claudio Caser, Chef Concierge at Giardino Ascona and Giardino Mountain

Are there opportunities for career progression at Giardino? Of course! Here are a few examples:

We love training, supporting and growing with our employees!