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Giardino Seerose

Welcome home at Giardino

Welcome to our virtual world. Choosing a career or changing jobs is tricky. Is this the right career path for me? Should I change jobs even though there’s a risk I won’t like it at the new place? And besides, why should I invest so many valuable hours of my life in a company? What kind of added value is this company offering me? What can I learn there and what will the company do for me? Are we even a good match for each other? These are questions and feelings that we ourselves know all too well. That’s why we’ve put together this page to help you figure out whether or not we’re a perfect match. And if you’re already part of the Giardino community, there are plenty of new things for you to discover, too – including the opportunity to rate your experience! Have fun! You have questions that we can answer immediately? Then do not hesitate and contact us at +41 81 836 63 32

An interview with a Giardino employees

Why Giardino?

Giardino values

Giardino is all about balance. Between relaxation and adventure, luxury and homeliness, everyone finds their own perfect middle ground here. Whether you’re taking some time out to recharge your batteries or jumping into something new: Giardino hotels strike the perfect balance, combining both ends of the scale without compromise.

Giardino’s identity

Our challenge: to strike our personal balance between all the different possibilities. To discover an ideal middle ground between opposites and simply feel good. We have any number of options to choose from, but that also means we struggle to find a balance.

Giardino Hotels

The Giardino Hotels are all located in the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland. From the alpine town of St. Moritz, down to the Mediterranean region Ticino, all the way to Ascona and Locarno by Lake Maggiore – guests are simply spoilt for choice.

Employee benefits


‘I love my job and I’m very fortunate that my work at Giardino allows me to live out my passion for first-class hospitality.’

Jenifer Fliegauf, Host at the Ecco restaurant

Giardino experiences

We’re all in search of the perfect experience. The perfect hotel, the perfect location, the perfect moment. But what does perfect mean to our guests? We’ve put together a few ideas for our guests in the form of our personal upgrades, which are divided into six different categories. But when and where do we apply these six categories? First and foremost, they are applied wherever possible at all guest touchpoints (both online and offline) to ensure a consistent brand experience. We also use them for successful product development – from turndown service to alpine tours – and above all, as a way to categorise our guests based on their interests, for the purpose of targeted promotion.