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Giardino Seerose
Herbstblätter im Wald
September 27, 2022

Autumn time is wellness time – 5 tips from Ayurveda

Between slowly turning colorful leaves you can currently enjoy the last late summer sun rays of the autumn season in our hotels Giardino Ascona, Giardino Lago and the Giardino Bed & Breakfast, the "Indian Summer". Read tips from our Ayurveda experts on how to survive the autumn season fit and invigorated:  Hint 1 – Take [...]

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Cocktail "Sex on the beach" steht auf einem Tisch
September 9, 2022
Receipe Idea

Recipe of the month:
“Sex on the Beach”

Vacation feelings at home? With our recipe of the month, a real classic among cocktails, the "Sex on the Beach" from our bar lounge of the Giardino Ascona, you can easily reminisce about the sparkling moments during your stay at the Giardino Ascona in your own four walls, or mentally beam yourself to the beach [...]

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Paarurlaub im Tessin
September 2, 2022

Getting married in Ticino
at Giardino Hotels

Amore at Lake Maggiore when getting married in Ticino! The glittering lake with its small islands in a Mediterranean ambiance against breathtaking Alpine scenery is unique. All around you feel Italian Dolce Vita and the region charms. Getting married on Lake Maggiore does not have to remain just a dream. Our hotels Giardino Lago and [...]

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Frau sitzt am Aussen Pool des Giardino Ascona
August 24, 2022
Hints and Tricks

Hints for hot days and nights

The summer heat can be very hard on people, especially when it doesn't cool down properly at night either, making it difficult to get to sleep. The result: you feel tired and lacking in energy during the day. In summer, the bioenergy Pitta with the elements fire and water predominates. Summer, with its heat, therefore [...]

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A bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day
June 27, 2022
Career opportunities at Giardino Hotels

My life with flowers

People@Giardino: Florist Vlatko Ivanic Life is simply more beautiful with flowers. And our hotels shine more beautifully because of him. Because he is the man behind the flowers. Get to know Vlatko Ivanic. Our friendly, enthusiastic flower and plant expert and No. 1 florist at Giardino Hotels. We interviewed him and asked him, what makes [...]

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