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Giardino Seerose

Retreats in St. Moritz

Love your body

From 14.01.-19.01.24 and from 29.01.-03.02.24

Get to Know Ayurveda

Do you know Ayurveda? Or do you immediately think of oil massages and Indian cuisine? Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of healthcare, may have its roots in present-day India, but its principles can be effectively applied in the Western hemisphere as well, as its goal is universal: Balance.

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Love your body

14.01.-19.01.24 and 29.01.-03.02.24

Rejuvenation Through Ayurveda

Times of high mental, emotional, and physical demands deplete our energies. Soothing and relaxing treatments, yoga, and meditation help restore balance. The 6-day “Rejuvenation through Ayurveda” program slows down the aging process of both the mind and body. Detoxification and tissue regeneration lead to external beauty, while yoga and meditation promote inner balance.

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Ben Rakidzija


Yoga and Meditation with Special Guest Ben Rakidzija

Not knowing and emptying the mind instead of filling it with new thoughts. One method to cultivate your not knowing is Yoga, and another method is Zen Meditation. With the traveling yoga instructor and writer Ben Rakidzija, you’ll learn a new and exciting approach to clarify your mind.

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Ben Rakidzija
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Pure Relaxation

dipiù Spa St. Moritz

The offer is inspired by Ticino, and the products are made from regional ingredients. The dipiù Spa at Hotel Giardino Mountain is, in a way, one with nature. The name “dipiù” means “more,” and that’s precisely what you can expect. Massages, cosmetics, fitness, pool, and sauna are all part of it. Additionally, there’s Ayurveda, yoga, or meditation. Everything for inner well-being and outer beauty. Naturally, it’s also available for day guests.

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Ayurveda-Spezialistin Florence Steger

Therapists and Specialists

The Team

The Giardino team, led by Florence Steger, an experienced Ayurveda specialist, federally certified complementary therapist, examination expert, and supervisor, along with other qualified Ayurveda therapists, organizes professional retreats. These retreats are designed to provide lasting improvements in well-being for individuals experiencing discomfort and health disorders.
Ayurveda-Spezialistin Florence Steger

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