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Giardino Seerose
September 2, 2022

Getting married in Ticino
at Giardino Hotels

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Amore at Lake Maggiore when getting married in Ticino! The glittering lake with its small islands in a Mediterranean ambiance against breathtaking Alpine scenery is unique. All around you feel Italian Dolce Vita and the region charms. Getting married on Lake Maggiore does not have to remain just a dream. Our hotels Giardino Lago and Giardino Ascona are one of the hottest wedding locations in Ticino.

To help you through this excitement and initial chaos, here are the key planning questions:

When do you want to get married?

How much budget and guests are you planning?

How do you want to get married?

Where do you want to hold the wedding celebration?

What style should be reflected in your wedding?

What else is important to you?

Bride and groom by the lake in the Giardino Lago

And whether you want to Marry the love of your life at the dreamlike Lake Maggiore. | © Marian Duven | Header image Article © Photographer: Jennifer Cicort

When do you want to get married?

When is the perfect time of the year to celebrate your wedding in Ticino near Lake Maggiore?

Since Lake Maggiore in Ticino is surrounded and protected by the Alps, the overall climate is sub-Mediterranean. Lake Maggiore also influences the surrounding region. It acts as a heat reservoir in winter and moderates high temperatures in summer. In numbers, this means: The average temperature is 17.2 degrees. In summer, the highest average temperature maximum is 28.9 degrees in July. Between May and September, the average air temperature is over 20 degrees. In winter, it is relatively cool between December and February, January is the coldest month with an average of 4.6 degrees. Months with less rainfall are January, February, June, July, and September, with rainfall fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. If you want more detailed information about the climate on Lake Maggiore, visit the following website.

As ideal wedding months, we recommend the months from April to mid October. 

Exactly in this period our hotels Giardino Lago and Giardino Ascona are also open as seasonal establishments. Keep in mind, however, that these are also the most popular wedding months and early planning is important.

Brautpaar läuft mit einem Regenschirm durch den strömenden Regen

In good or bad weather You will be sparkling at your wedding in Ticino on Lake Maggiore in any case!

How much budget and guests are you planning?

The average Swiss wedding is within a price range of 25,000 to 50,000 CHF with around 80 guests with all cost items. So in the context of this point, you should also be clear about the number of guests. It can help to make a first rough guest list. According to statistics, the average Swiss wedding has 40 to 70 guests. However, the budget and guest question is always quite individual, based on the wishes of the bride and groom. A very general example of the various cost items of a wedding in Switzerland from Switzerland Tourism can be found here, whereby the respective location and culinary, usually represent the largest cost item of the budget of a wedding.

Hotel Giardino Lago

At the Hotel Giardino Lago, the entire wedding as well as the price calculation is individually designed, up to a maximum number of guests of 90. From 40 guests, we also recommend that you book the hotel exclusively. Please feel free to contact our team at Hotel Giardino Lago for any questions regarding this matter as well as the general pricing,  to receive a quote.

Hotel Giardino Ascona

At Hotel Giardino Ascona, you have the option of either choosing one of three arrangements with set prices or having the wedding and associated pricing created individually. Our prices for the fixed arrangements start for example at 320 CHF per person in the arrangement “Classic modern”, bookable from 50 to 200 persons. The prices differ depending on the arrangement. Contact our team at Hotel Giardino Ascona today for your individual offer for your wedding.

Hochzeitspaar zerschlägt ein Sparschwein

Quantitative Facts These are less romantic, but are part of wedding planning.

How do you want to get married?

An important aspect of the decision-making process is how you want to arrange the type of wedding ceremony and the associated organization.

The civil ceremony is the first step together in any marriage. In the Ascona – Locarno region there are many, beautiful places recognized by the Civil Registry Office for the civil wedding ceremony. When planning the civil wedding in Ticino, be sure to follow the administrative procedure.

There is also the possibility of a church wedding, for example in the Madonna del SassoBosco Gurin, or San Quirico just some of the modern or medieval churches.

Open weddings are also possible on the grounds of our hotels Giardino Lago and Giardino Ascona on request. The advantage is, that you could continue the wedding festivities there directly afterward. However, the realization depends on very different factors, such as the total number of people and the season. If this is a wish of yours, please feel free to discuss it with our event experts, they will check the feasibility for you.

Braut unterschreibt die Papiere beim Standesamt

The Registry Office This is only the first step. Other wedding ceremonies can be organized.

Where do you want to hold the wedding celebration?

The wedding location is of course elementary important for a successful celebration. We have something for you!

Our Hotel Giardino Lago

If Lake Maggiore were a sea, then the Giardino Lago would be an island. Water everywhere you look, casual ease and an airy style make it an extraordinary place. At Giardino Lago, therefore, a wedding is not a party, but a unique event where the couple can simply enjoy the celebration. The cordial service and the individual program ensure the best mood, and the culinary offer and the Mediterranean ambiance enchant the senses. Weddings can be customized to the wishes and character of the bride and groom. For a completely distinctive day that will be talked about for a long time.

Gedeckte Hochzeitslocation Hotel Giardino Lago Terrasse

Small but beautiful Celebrate with a view of Lake Maggiore and make this day unforgettable.  | © Laboda Wedding “Wedding Sebastian & Florian

Our Hotel Giardino Ascona

Where the last mountains of the Alps meet the first lemons of Italy, lies the Giardino Ascona. A carefree retreat not far from the shores of Lake Maggiore. The setting does the rest: surrounded by a Mediterranean park and a touch of dolce vita, the senses immediately go into a casual mood of well-being. At Giardino Ascona, a wedding is therefore not a celebration, but a unique event where the couple can simply enjoy the celebration. The cordial service and the individual program ensure the best mood, and the culinary offer and the Mediterranean ambiance enchant the senses. For a completely distinctive day that will be talked about for a long time.

Gedeckte Tische im Hotel Giardino Ascona

Pure Dolce Vita Celebrating exuberantly among lemon trees under the starry sky adds a special touch to your wedding in Ticino.  | © Ivan Steiner Photography

What style should be reflected in your wedding?

That’s the motto! In the further process of your first steps, think about a specific motto for your wedding in Ticino on Lake Maggiore, which can also be designed more openly. Finally, this also goes hand in hand with the color – or rather the entire decoration concept. In the Hotel Giardino Ascona, we offer you basically three different wedding packages, depending on the exact contents and components they differ. These wedding packages give you a first support for your style direction.

“Classic modern”

Perfectly happy. With the setting Classic – modern, the desire for a wedding as it is in the book is fulfilled. Thanks to the unique charm of the house and the contemporary event details, this day will remain forever in a wonderful memory.

“Casual Mediterranean”

Like at the seaside. For those who prefer casual elegance, the setting Casual – Mediterranean is the right choice. In two different settings, summer fairy tales come true under the open sky. Simply dreamlike.

“Romantic light”

To fall in love with. The setting Romantic – light invests a lot of love in detail, without losing sight of the essential: the common celebration and a relaxed get-together with your loved ones. It makes you say yes a second time.

But of course, the wedding can also be freely chosen and individually created in terms of style, as in the Hotel Giardino Ascona.

Now it’s up to you to decide in which direction it should go.

Dekoration Hochzeit Giardino Lago Restaurant

Set the tone – You can with a theme, the decoration concept and the general style, which is determined by you in advance.  | © Marian Duven

What else is important to you?

These were now the first steps on the way to your wedding in Ticino on Lake Maggiore. In addition, there are countless other points to decide on, depending on your preference. From A – like “suit”, to Z – like “room”, for the wedding party. Write a list to filter out the important points for you and then it can begin with detailed planning. On it goes!


Everything under control – It is best to create a checklist with all your wishes and to do’s around your wedding in Ticino at Lake Maggiore.

Say “Yes” to Giardino Hotels

You are now convinced and would like to celebrate your wedding in Ticino on Lake Maggiore at the Hotel Giardino Lago, or the Hotel Giardino Ascona? Nothing could be easier. Simply send your request via the contact form to our event teams in the respective hotels. You will find the contact details and the person in charge here:

Giardino Lago 

 Giardino Ascona 

Our team will be happy to help you realize your wishes and ideas for your wedding in Ticino on Lake Maggiore! Together for the most beautiful day of your life.

We are already looking forward to seeing you!

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