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Giardino Seerose
June 27, 2022
Career opportunities at Giardino Hotels

My life with flowers

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People@Giardino: Florist Vlatko Ivanic

Life is simply more beautiful with flowers. And our hotels shine more beautifully because of him. Because he is the man behind the flowers. Get to know Vlatko Ivanic. Our friendly, enthusiastic flower and plant expert and No. 1 florist at Giardino Hotels. We interviewed him and asked him, what makes the work so special for him and how he always manages to choose the right flower. “Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” – John Ruskin, and with us, Vlatko paints quite a bit.

Portrait von Vlatko Ivanic - Florist

Our florist Vlatko Ivanic – Is responsible for everything related to flowers and plants in the Giardino houses. He gave us an interview about his work.

In the floristry at Giardino, my daily work is all about taking care of our plants that are located over the houses of Hotel Giardino Ascona, Hotel Giardino Lago in summer, and Hotel Giardino Mountain in winter. My job is to make sure that these plants receive excellent care and are always in fresh condition.

There are many different areas, where fresh flowers are placed, and I take care of them, including at the reception, the lobby, as well as the bar. In the restaurants, there are small vases with flower arrangements on the tables everywhere, and even in the larger rooms and suites, it is our standard to use fresh flowers, which require continuous care on my part.

So, to sum up, I take care of all the “green” and the “colorful” plants and growths in our houses.

There are many different ways to enter the profession of floristry. The classic way, however, is to complete the basic vocational training with the Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) as a florist, which lasts three years in Switzerland. In addition to the school-based part, in which you learn the theory, it is above all the crucial practice. This is one of the key success factors in this profession. Afterwards, with the completed training, one can work in different establishments, such as hotels, flower stores, or even garden centers. In addition to the normal path through vocational training, there are more opportunities to further your education. Various courses can be taken either online or on-site. However, the main thing is always the practical application. Because the more bouquets and arrangements you make, the faster and better you get, and your mind and imagination get better and better too. As a result, you create better and better.

One of the most important prerequisites is the aforementioned professional training as a florist, as well as the  practical experience with the technique. In addition, an interest in the combination of art and nature is essential, as well as an eye for detail and the knowledge, to put all these different factors together successfully. Overall, it is a very artistic job that combines different interests, skills, and affections.

First and foremost, I want the guests of Giardino to feel comfortable in our houses and at the same time feel joy. Because the plants and flowers should make happy. You can see that in the faces of our guests. The special thing about the job as a florist is therefore, that we can please our guests in this way and create that certain wow effect.

Giardino means for me a beautiful combination of different qualities. Especially in our Hotel Giardino Ascona, but also in the Hotel Giardino Mountain, you can see this colorfulness that defines Giardino. They are places where people can feel relaxed and happy, and where every day they can discover something new, and beautiful, for example when the guests are inside, or in the garden. I think you can feel that it is like a second home, on the one hand for the guests, but also us employees.

A gallery with rosy views

Please take a look at the beautiful works of Vlatko Ivanic, which he creates for our guests on every occasion. Whether a bouquet for a special occasion, the general flower decoration in our houses, or even entire table decorations at our events – simply beautiful works!

Are you looking for a job in floristry?

In addition, do you have professional training as a florist, enjoy dealing with guests and have creativity?

A perfect match we say!

Then take a look at our job portal: and look for a suitable position. We are also happy to accept initiative applications via

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