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Giardino Seerose
January 28, 2022
Excursion tips St. Moritz

Valentine’s Day in St. Moritz – 5 ideas for your stay

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Valentine’s Day is not for you? Maybe not. But let’s be honest, a little romance never hurts a relationship. So why not make the day of love the real relationship highlight of 2022? We’ve put together our top 5 ideas for a successful Valentine’s Day 2022 in St. Moritz.

Hint 1 – Skiing and ice skating in St Moritz
Sounds too unromantic? But it isn’t. Breathtaking views await you and promise togetherness in wonderful nature.

Hint 2 – Carriage ride through the snow

The classic, couldn’t be more romantic. Too kitschy, you say? No way, we say. It is a dream!

Hint 3 – Heliski

Okay, now there’s action. Do you like adrenalin? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve heard that shared adventures weld people together.

Hint 4 – Spa Suite

A wellness oasis all to yourself? Sure, there is and that’s what we offer in the dipiù Spa at Giardino Mountain.

Hint 5 – Flowers in the room

Doesn’t sound so exciting? Look into your wife’s eyes when she enters the room and say that again.

Ok ok, we have another Giardino secret tip: Cocktail «Jus d’Amour».

The juice of love is available in our bar lounge and with the fireplace flickering, we like to move closer together.

A happy couple in the winter landscape for Valentine's Day

A time out for two – Plan your Valentine’s Day at the Giardino Hotel Mountain in St. Moritz and let yourself be enchanted.

Hint 1 – Skiing and ice skating in St. Moritz – winter sports opportunities for two on Valentine’s Day 2022

Breathtaking views await you and promise togetherness in wonderful nature. Would you like to actively explore nature and the surrounding area with your sweetheart during your stay with us in St. Moritz? Nothing could be easier, there are numerous possibilities in the Engadine for this kind of Valentine’s Day date.

View from Hotel Giardino Mountain towards Lej da Champfèr

Breathtaking scenery for your date – This view from Giardino Mountain will make your heart beat faster.

In the four large ski areas Corviglia/Piz Nair, Corvatsch, Diavolezza/Lagalb, and Zuoz, as well as five smaller areas, skiers, and snowboarders can enjoy a total of 88 fantastic pistes covering around 350 kilometers. Enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts will therefore get their money’s worth. A free ski shuttle will take you and your partner on request from Giardino Mountain to the ski lift Chasellas (Suvretta area) or to the mountain railroad Corvatsch. In addition, you also have the chance to cross-country ski through the Engadine winter wonderland on 230 kilometers of trails. Whether over frozen lakes or snow-covered forests is entirely up to you. The advantage of this is that you can start right at the gates of Giardino Mountain, without having to queue or take the lift.

Skier skiing down the slope

Off to the slopes! – Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2022 together doing winter sports.

The possibilities are not yet completely exhausted. You can explore the wintry landscape by sledding and tobogganing, on a snowshoe hike, or snowkiting. Another idea is ice skating on the frozen lakes, such as Lake St. Moritz or the Lej da Champfèr. This is particularly romantic as in the evening, weather permitting, the surroundings are bathed in an orange, pink evening light. In addition, the full moon rises in a few days after Valentine’s Day, so the moon will already create a thoroughly romantic atmosphere.

Lake St. Moritz in the evening light and full moon on Valentine's Day

Romantic setting – Skating in this light, what more could you want?

Hint 2 – A romantic carriage ride through the winter landscape around St. Moritz

For all lovebirds who would like their date to take place a little more quietly in a private atmosphere but still don’t want to miss out on enjoying the enchanting winter landscape and fresh mountain air in St. Moritz and the surrounding area, we recommend a carriage or sleigh ride. Snuggled up in warm blankets and skins, you can spend time together on very different routes, such as the frozen lakes, the Stazerwald, or even the impressive St. Moritz itself. You will listen to the winter silence and the sound of horses trotting step by step along your chosen route through the glistening snow. This date will make you forget all the stress of everyday life and you can dive into your winter fairy tale together!

A family completes a carriage ride in the beautiful winter landscape

Photo: © Photographer: Christof Sonderegger / Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus

Hint 3 – Heliski: Up high for that special adrenaline kick 

Ready? Set and jump! If you want to feel the special adrenalin kick, you have to go high up. Because as the song by Reinhard Mey says: «Above the clouds, the freedom must be boundless». Because heliskiing offers a step up from what has just been described. There you will first float over the Alpine massif in an Airbus helicopter and then dive into deep snow in a deserted spot. This is a date you are guaranteed not to forget in a hurry and will feel like you are in an action movie. Please note, however, that this is subject to the availability of the companies through which we can enquire about this exclusive experience.

A helicopter flies through the winter landscape

Like something out of an action film – Give Valentine’s Day a special kind of kick with heliskiing «On Top of the World» in St. Moritz.  

Hint 4 – Wellness and time for two on Valentine’s Day in our dipiù Spa Suite

If the weather doesn’t harmonize with your plans due to snow flurries on Valentine’s Day itself, or you prefer to sit back, relax and simply enjoy wellness on Valentine’s Day, then a date with your partner in our dipiù Spa Suite is indispensable. Because time together is luxury. Giving this to each other in a spa suite on a special day is not only proof of deep connection and love, but also a sign of good taste. Relax, regenerate and enjoy together. And all of this in high-quality equipped rooms with first-class treatments from our spa therapists. You can choose between our dipiù Specials and our Aveda Specials in our Spa Suite. This joint retreat is a balm for your body and soul and leaves you invigorated for everyday life together afterward.

dipiù Spa Suite on Valentine's Day

 Time for two – Our dipiù Spa Suite at Giardino Mountain offers you and your partner plenty of peace and relaxation.

Hint 5 – Flowers in the room

Flowers say more than 1,000 words. Would you like to give your sweetheart a special surprise for Valentine’s Day 2022 and surprise them with a bouquet? Then take a look at our range of flowers at Giardino Mountain now and contact our florist for advice. Order the bouquet or an exceptional floral decoration in your room today.

All florist services are also available as an external guest and can be collected from the Hotel Giardino Mountain at an agreed time.

A bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day

Bright eyes guaranteed! – Make your loved one happy and give flowers as a gift.

Extra hint – Cocktail «Jus d’Amour» in our Bar-Lounge

As a finale to the wonderful evening, after dinner, we recommend our airy Giardino Mountain Bar-Lounge. This has an open fireplace, which is fantastic for a cozy final drink to celebrate the day. Either with a glass of wine or the cocktail «Jus d’Amour», which lives up to its name on this day.  This way you can look deep into each other’s eyes by the crackling fireplace and let the day come to an end together.

Couple sitting at the bar lounge in front of the fireplace on Valentine's Day

Romantic fireplace crackling – To round off the day, you can end the day at our bar lounge.


Whether one or all of the ideas convince you, we are happy to organize everything for you in advance at the Hotel Giardino Mountain. So you don’t have to worry about anything on Valentine’s Day 2022. Our luxurious design hotel in alpine design with 5 stars is located between the snowy peaks of Corvatsch and Corviglia on the outskirts of St Moritz and offers the ideal location for your date!

You haven’t booked a room yet, or do you need support with your ideas? Our team will be happy to help you realize your wishes.

We are already looking forward to meeting you!

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